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We Repair and Maintain Mitsubishi Printers and Photo Systems

I joined Mitsubishi Electric back in August 1992 as a Technical Support Engineer for the consumer division. My role was to offer our network of dealers technical assistance on Television, Video and Audio products. 


Around 1997 Mitsubishi pulled out of the consumer market and I was transferred to the CCTV division, supporting large CCTV installations, at airports, banks, and railways stations. 


In August 2002, I left Mitsubishi and joined Sanyo UK in Watford as a CCTV product specialist.


Towards the end of 2005, I heard that Mitsubishi were looking for an engineer to support their photo system products. I rejoined Mitsubishi a few days before Christmas.  During my second period at Mitsubishi I specialised in the following products:-


IT2000, CP9500DW, CP9500DWS, CP3020DE, CP3020DAE, PT9000, PT7000, PT6000E, PT6000EH, Click Lite, IT5000, Easyphoto, CP9550DW, CP9550DWS, CP3800DW, Pocketbook Maker, CP9800DW, CP9800DWS, CP9810DW, CP9820DWS. ETC.


In January 2014, due to divisional changes, I decided to start my own service company specialising in the service and support of Mitsubishi photo products. My aim is to carry on with the level of support that I gave to people during the last eight years at Mitsubishi.



If you need any help, please don't hesitate to contact me.




Gary Ephgrave

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